Cable Locates and Digging

Call Before You Dig

Call Before You DigPlanting a tree, building a fence, adding an addition, installing a new driveway, call before you dig! Before you start your project, assume that danger lies underground. Start your planning by making a call to Cornwall Electric to check for our underground electric cables.

It is the law to have utilities located before you dig under the Occupational Health and Safety Act (Construction Projects 228). This means that before you dig, drill, auger or drive stakes into the ground, you must have had all underground services located. It's vital that you know what lies beneath the ground, not only for your safety, but also to prevent costly repairs.

One of our trained technicians will ensure that the location of Cornwall Electric owned underground electrical cables is marked and you are left with a drawing of the locate. You may be left with specific direction that includes hand digging a particular section.

It is important that your locates are done in short proximity of when you expect to complete the work. Weather elements can remove markings that identify underground equipment. If your underground project is not completed within 60 days from when the underground locate is completed, you must request another locate.

To make arrangements for an underground hydro locate call:

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