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Win Free Power for a Year

Power Up Your Bill

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It's time to get more from your power bill! When you switch to online billing, you'll get all of the info in your old paper bill, with additional features and on-the-go flexibility. 

  • See your bill as soon as it's ready—no mailing delays
  • 24/7 access to view, download or print current and past bills
  • See all your power usage in one place and find ways to save

You'll be notified by email when your bill is ready, cutting down on delivery time and making it easy to open, review and pay your bill whenever, wherever. 

And now, when you make the switch, you'll be entered to win a grand prize of free power for a year (up to a maximum monthly usage of 750 kWh/month. You must switch to paperless billing to be entered. Terms and conditions apply). 

How to Switch to Online Billing;

  1. Login or Register to My Account and turn on paperless billing.

    My Account

  2. or Call 613-932-0123 and ask to 'Power up your bill'.

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